Beauty trends can look different for people from different parts of the world, 

It is well-known that immigrants tend to dominate the beauty-skincare industry due to their skillful practice. Look up immigrant salons through local business listing websites like Myecen.com every time you need your nails done.

We have created for you, a directory of all your local immigrant businesses centered around beauty, and skin so you don’t need to look any further!

  • Beauty Salons

Mainstream beauty salons may forget to take into consideration that people of different ethnicities can and do have different tastes and trends in make-up and looks.

So people prefer to go to salons with a staff that knows how to truly enhance their features and delivers the desired look.

  • Nail Salons

Nail salons have to consider differences in the skin types. Thus, while providing services like a manicure and pedicure, they have to adjust their care to the needs of the individual client.

So naturally, salons that know your skin type and adjust their practices according to it, are the ones owned by people like you.

  • Tattoos and Body Art

Tattoos and Body Art are not just fashion accessories you get on your body to keep up with the trends, these have a rich history and cultural importance behind them. This can only be accurately translated through art by people who understand the culture and value it as you do.

So the next time you think of getting a traditional tattoo, ask yourself whether you should be looking for immigrant workers near you who would embrace this tattoo or piercing and give it the respect it deserves? The answer, we hope, is Yes!