As an immigrant, it can be excessively hard to manage life in a foreign land. Simple errands can feel like massive tasks when you don’t have the support and comfort of having connections (and family in some cases).

At Myecen.com, we make migration manageable with our free online business listings for immigrants that help you find and locate local businesses near you that are owned by immigrants or people sharing your roots and home country.

This not only lets you find services you can trust, but also helps in creating a small community unit that can be there for each other when   times get tough!

What Are You Looking For?

We have attempted to build a network encompassing every service and/or product a person may find themselves seeking. Our platform brings together 19 categories of the kind of industries we serve and more than a hundred sub-categories of specific services.

From health, fitness & lifestyle to event management and furniture stores, we got it all! Browse through our extended list of businesses to know more about the kind of fields we cater to here at Myecen.com.

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If you are a small business owner looking to widen your reach and acquire new customers, we have something for you!

With us, you can finally have the answer to the question of “where do I find a credible platform to list my business & scale it?” You can find various people who are looking for your services and better yet, you can build a niche work community of your own people.

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