Nothing beats homesickness like a good old comfort meal that you have grown up savoring, but in foreign countries, it can often be a problem to find ingredients for those traditional home-cooked meals you crave on those nostalgic nights. This is why we have curated a helpful small business list of your favorite local foods and items so you can have a taste of home away from home.

Fruit and Vegetable Markets
There are dedicated markets for all those special fruits and vegetables that are termed as “exotic” in developed nations, but for you, they were once just your local produce.

Such markets, however, are often not big companies and thus are rarely listed online. It can become challenging to be aware of their existence, let alone find them or shop from them.

So Myecen.com has come to the rescue and accumulated all the information about such markets; we found out where they are, how many there are, and most importantly, whether they are present in your locality so you can reap their benefits.

Meat Markets
Meat of almost all kinds is readily available at grocery stores everywhere, then why would you need meat markets?

The answer to that is straightforward for those who understand the importance of traditions and culture. Traditionally, meat is cut freshly in front of the buyer’s eyes, so there’s seldom any doubt about its quality.

Moreover, some people eat only Halal meat, which is easily available in meat markets and is hard to find elsewhere. With us, you can find your local meat markets and have your pick of meat type, size, and cut!

Lunch Wagons
Those colorful wagons that roamed your streets in childhood seem like a faint memory now that you’re living abroad! But you can find just about anything if you try hard enough.
We have an inventory of all those different kinds of food wagons that serve authentic foods and delicacies you miss now that you’re far from home. After all, there’s a reason why Myecen.com is one of the best business listing websites for immigrants.

It’s our extensive directory and availability for almost everything that puts us leaps and bounds ahead of others!