• Registering your Business at Ecen will open limitless doors of opportunities for you to create a strong and loyal customer base of like-minded people from the same background looking for trustworthy vendors. On top of that, you get so many perks that come with a Quick & Easy Sign-up Process, like
  • You don’t need a credit card to register. 
  • We let you Advertise for Free

We make sure you are Immediately Visible to Users.

It’s Easy! You just need to follow this quick list of steps and before you know it, Voila!

  • Click on our site and go to the Homepage.
  • Click on the List Your Service Button. (You will be directed to a page with all the listed steps that automatically direct you to the next step, but in case they don’t you can also manually select each step.)
  • Click on the Register with Ecen Option and register with Google, Facebook, or any email and a password.
  • Then click on Choose a Service category to select your business type from the provided.
  • Now select the Describe Your Business Option and fill in the details like business name, description, contact information, and message for the customers.
  • Then enter your service location
  • And finally, upload an image of your business to attach a face and build trust among the customers.

And that’s all you need to list your services with Ecen

There is an extensive list of all the ways we can help you in, you can take a look at the list below to see whether we cater the specific service you are looking for, but as we aim to build a circuit where you can rely on for anything and everything, we’re almost certain that you will find what you are looking for! Click here to know about all the Industries we serve:

Consumer Electronics
Contractors /Dealers/Vendors
Food Market
Furniture & Supplies
Legal Services
Medical & Healthcare
Old Age Care
Real Estate
Residential & Commercial Services
Skin Care/Beauty

Yes! Here at Ecen, the main goal is for you to find the people you need! Our extensive and widespread system connects immigrants from over 200 countries and even the mini-regions within those countries are recognised separately.  So it’s safe to assume that with myecen.com, you can reach people from your community anywhere in the world.

We know the significance of being able to trust your vendors, and thus we emphasize honesty and transparency here at myecen.com. All the vendors/service providers enlisted on our network are not only verified, but also rated by your own people! This way you can read honest reviews of their experience with others and then make your decision wisely.

We don’t like to overcomplicate stuff, so we try to keep it short & simple. If you’re a customer and looking for services, all you need to do is mention your native country and current location as prompted when you open our homepage, and then click on “look for services”. That’s all. To have a better experience and navigate more easily, we recommend you sign in by clicking at the top right corner and register via any email and password.

To book a consultation, or attain a service, simply click on “look for services” and choose your desired service. Then choose an approximate location and a rough radius where you would like your service to be. You will then be directed to all the vendors in that area matching your requirements and you can have your pick once you find a service provider you like.

Anything you have in mind, we have got you covered! You can choose any online or offline payment modes for the services if those modes are supported by the other party in the transaction. We make sure all the accepted modes are listed upfront for maximum transparency.

You don’t need to have a monthly subscription with us to enjoy our services and make your life easier, as for us it’s about the community! We don’t try to bind you or reel you in with subscriptions as we are confident you won’t want to leave once you start using myecen.com

You don’t need discounts if you’re not paying! We know membership discounts seem lucrative and attract people, but we don’t aim to gatekeep services that should be accessible to all. So we don’t!

Yes you can! As you know, Ecen is here to connect people and help you get the services you want, how you want them! If you’re looking for services in a specific area, we have obviously got you covered. But we also list vendors who provide their services online! So you can opt for either once vendors are offering them.