Contractors/ Dealers/ Vendors

In our day-to-day lives, the need often arises for vendors or contractors of various kinds as the services we need are specific and need to be customized. Sometimes we intend to buy in larger quantities and require a wholesaler.

In such cases, having an individual or a small group of persons readily available can be of a lot of use, especially if the person is someone you relate with and feel connected to.

Similarly, if you are a vendor, contractor, or dealer, listing your business as an immigrant will be very beneficial for you as you might just be the one your people are looking for!


When building a house, there are numerous little and big tasks that require dedicated contractors to make sure all the projects are being conducted efficiently and correctly. 

Whether it’s masonry, flooring, drywall, glazing, or anything else, find contractors who will supervise your work as they would their own!


Other than the major processes, there are so many things that go into making a new house, or simply renovating an old one. With myecen.com, you can find the best dealers for anything and everything.

Be it art, prefabricated materials, flooring, roofing, fencing, or even buying a boat! You will find a way to get what you want with us!


If you’re looking for the good old street vendors like the ones you used to see roam around in the streets back home, it may seem impossible in this new country with new possibilities, but it’s not.

That’s the myecen.com effect! With our business listing services, we find and bring to you many street vendors that still operate in bigger cities and can give you the same nostalgic experience you have been searching for!