Particularly for immigrants, it can be hard to trust others with their vehicles as they harbor an emotional attachment to them that is not often understood by people who are not from the same background.  That’s when you know to look for your people who you can trust with your car and savings.

Myecen.com is one of the first immigrants business listing websites that hosts a wide range of services related to your automobile care so you don’t ever have to be unprepared and deal with strangers when it comes to your precious vehicle.

Automotive Parts and Accessories:

Find original and well-maintained replacement parts for your motorcycle or car, or get the best add-ons to vamp up your vehicle. Find dealers for bigger automobiles like Trucks as well, and discover the most stunning accessories to add to your ride.

Automotive Repair and Maintenance:

You can also find a  mechanic during an emergency, or to hire generally for the long-term repair and maintenance of your vehicle. 

We know the relationship between a mechanic and a vehicle owner is so much more than just transactional as it requires a certain degree of familiarity, trust, and even connection to make things smooth. 

So who better than your own people to dispense the automotive services for you?

Car Dealers:

Look for car dealers near you if you’re looking for a new ride. Find your neighborhood dealership and see if you can reap discounts!

Car Rental or Leasing:

If you need a car for hire in a new city, or your own car broke down, or if you simply want to ride in something fancy for a special occasion, browse through all our car rental options to solve your problem.

Car Washes:

Look for gas stations near you, or car wash centers for that premium service, and also support your community businesses in the process of detailing or washing your car!

Taxi Service:

You can choose from our many available cab service options to ease your day to day transportation. Whether it’s a work commute or a ride to the airport, we’ll find someone to take you to your destination.

Auto Brokers:

Sometimes when dealerships just don’t cut it, you need to rely on dealers for facilitated sale or purchase of vehicles. Here at myecen.com you will find many trustworthy dealers to help you out!


We’ve all been in a situation when we have had to get our car towed because it broke down or punctured a tire! For those unprecedented times, you can now rely on our small business list of  tow trucks, and other towing services.