Whether it’s for ordering for a cozy night-in or a crazy night out in the town, or a much-needed relaxing vacation out of your city, you will need a familiar face to ease you. Browse through our accommodation services and find restaurants, clubs, and hotels owned by your people in the area of your choice!

Bars, Lounges, Nightclubs, and Taverns:

Bars and Clubs are largely influenced by the kind of crowd that comes in. And if you want to enjoy the nightlife of any place, you will want to have people with a similar vibe such as yours which can be found on Myecen.com!

Suppose you’re a first-generation Arab immigrant and want to spend some amazing time with or without your friends.

All you need to do is search for Lounges owned by any other foreign immigrant businessman and visit! This way you can enjoy the party-life of the metropolitan city you live in and also be with your people enjoying the same music taste as you!

Here you can explore a wide variety of establishments including but not limited to Bars, Clubs, Lounges, Taverns, Hookah Bars, Pubs, Nightclubs, Discos,  etcetera.

Hotels and Motels:

Having the best time on your road trip, and need an affordable yet neat motel to crash for the night? Or need a fancy suite to stay in for date night? Find Both Hotels & Motels owned by people from your community anywhere you travel with us!

There are so many hotels already all over the city, so then what’s so special about staying in such hotels? It’s in the little things honestly.

You can get luxurious places to stay anywhere, but in your community hotels, you will find small elements that make you comfortable.

It could be the ethnic designing, the decorative pieces, the fabrics of bed linens, or even the bathroom fixtures that make you feel at home.

Here you can find hotels and stays ranging from Beachside resorts, Bed & Breakfasts, Lodges, Motels, Luxury Hotels, Rental villas, and so many more.


Having moved to a new place, we know you’re bound to miss the food you grew up eating and enjoying. But it’s not always practical nor feasible to cook a home cooked meal every time you crave it.

Enjoy authentic traditional restaurants that satisfy your craving each time. Not only your regional dishes but you can also explore different variations of food from various cuisines as your heart desires and it would also create the perfect environment and you won’t find yourself thing “I wish there were fellow immigrants near me

Explore pizzerias, cafes, diners, and restaurants near you and dine on amazing food available or take-out, dining, buffets and so much more!